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Introducing: Exploration Sets

Is your perfume appetite relentless? Are you craving more perfume discovery? We certainly hope so. Introducing; our Exploration Sets.

We asked, you responded & we delivered.

But how are they different from our other gift sets? We hear you ask. Let us explain.

Our Exploration Sets take inspiration from two places. Your voices, we are always listening and our in-house smelling sessions. So these new Exploration Sets are designed for the perfume nomads among us. Delivering more with less: these sets have smaller vials (2ml/15-20 sprays) but four vials per box. Now you'll be able to compare the perfume fragrance families directly without draining the bank. These sets will also be available to add to your perfume calendar. These new sets are perfect for newbies; they will give you a great foundation to build your perfume knowledge. And for the veterans out there, these will be a great refresher.

"We wanted to create something that would allow people to compare and contrast. With this set, you can smell how each fragrance family differs from the other and all in one place." - Thamar, Parfumado’s All Round Creative

"We've made the Exploration Set for everyone who wants to take their perfume knowledge to the next level; or for those that want to dive straight into the deep end." - Rosan, Parfumado's Design & Creative Manager

To make things even easier for you, we created a few variations.

"Many of our members are split into two categories. One loves discovering new niche perfumes; the more unknown, the better. And the other loves the big hitters, with names we all know and love." - Cuong, Parfumado's Operations Manager


Niche lovers, we have you covered! We have put together two Exploration Sets.

For her, we've focused on the four most prominent female fragrance families: Fresh, Floral, Wood and Gourmand. Meanwhile, for him, we've swapped Floral for Exotic, the spicer warmer cousin, overwhelmingly more popular among men.

We also have three sets filled with Parfumado's best-s(m)ellers!

For her: Fresh, Floral, Wood and Gourmand. Our unisex set shares the same fragrance families as our set for her. However, the scents are more gender-neutral and are suitable for him and her. Again we have swapped Floral with Exotic in our Exploration Set for him.

Before you start spraying!

While the way you explore perfume is up to you, there are a few helpful tips to maximise your experience.


Firstly, make sure you have some coffee beans on hand. Smelling the beans in between fragrances will help reset your nose.

Secondly, hold your smelling session in an open room or outside. There is nothing worse than spraying multiple perfumes in a small space.

Lastly, give each fragrance time to develop. Perfume notes develop differently on paper compared to your skin.

If you want to get to know the fragrances families a little better, check out our Explorations Sets in our shop or add them to your perfume calendar. These new sets make a great introduction to your perfume journey or a great refresher. They are perfect for individuals or small groups. Why not open a few bottles of bubbly, and hold your smelling session.

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