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Everything you need to know about unisex perfumes

Perfumes have been categorised by gender for generations. Floral, fruity fragrances for women, woody and leathery scents for men. Stereotypical? Very. Now that times are changing and equality is at the top of the agenda (that's a good thing). In recent years, the line between male and female has become quite blurred, and this movement is influencing our perfume choices. Wearing unisex perfumes not only means that there are countless more options, but you can also share them with your partner!

What are unisex perfumes?

Simply put, unisex perfumes are a hybrid type of perfume that can be worn by all genders. Where once there was only the choice of buying perfume for men or perfume for women. Now you can buy both - in one bottle!

What do unisex perfumes smell like?

Unisex perfumes can be worn by all genders as they are neutral in odour. Thus, they never sound too much like a heavy cologne or a sweet women's fragrance, as other gender-specific perfumes can. They also use gender-neutral notes, such as fruit and wood, to achieve a perfect balance.


Will I smell the same as my partner?

No, you do not need to worry about smelling 'exactly' the same when you share a unisex fragrance. Unisex perfumes work with your pheromones and natural body heat to create a truly unique, personalised scent. So a unisex perfume will smell different on everyone's skin. So two wearers will never smell the same. Handy, isn't it?

Is unisex fragrance for me?

Unisex perfumes are for everyone! Wearing perfume is always associated with the concept of reflecting who you are. Whether you wear it to feel more confident or to surprise yourself and others with your unique scent. Wearing the right perfume - like wearing the right clothes or make-up - is like choosing who or what you want to be, how you want to feel or how you want to be seen on that particular day. Dare to experiment!

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