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Scent Stories: Thamar

Hi all, my name is Thamar! I work as Parfumado's All-round Creative. I love spending all day drawing, designing, or shooting photos in the city. Designing packaging for new products is one of my favourite tasks at Parfumado. Especially with our current projects that will be launched soon…

Meet Thamar

I like unisex scents and prefer to choose a niche perfume because there is often a nice story behind it. My fragrance profile is fresh & woody, I like fresh, green perfumes with a bit of wood in them.

What are your three favourite perfumes?

My favourite perfume for now remains Eutopie no.9 from Eutopie. This woody and elegant perfume goes into that depth and has a sort of sensuality. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it from both men and women! If I want a more subtle scent, I choose 17 Nandan Road by Ulrich Lang New York. Wonderfully fresh, green and floral. FR/18 by A.N Other is also one of my fresh favourites. It smells like a Gin Tonic, but not in an alcoholic or sticky way. Instead it has that fresh and fruity feeling you long for on a summers day.

What does perfume mean to you?

For me, perfume is something that makes me feel extra delicate, nourished and confident. It puts me in a good mood, whether that's cheerful, zen or ready-to-party. That's why I like to choose a perfume each day that suits my mood. I think I love unisex fragrances so much because I think perfume is something for everyone and shouldn't have a male/female label. Those associations have to fade away. You should wear what you like, or what gives you the best feeling.

If you could create the ideal scent, what would it include/smell like?

It would be a unique fragrance that no one can put their finger on. Every time you smell it, it has evolved into something else. Versatility, that's what I like. As you might guess, this perfume would be fresh, green and woody, in a way that would suit any season! Nothing sweet for sure. I find that sweet perfumes feel sticky, ugh. And finally, the perfume must of course, be sensual and seductive… I want to make people turn their heads!

Thamar's Favourites

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EUTOPIE No. 9Eutopie