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Scent Stories: Niclas

The former designer turned perfume-house founder lives on the idyllic west coast of Sweden next to the city of Gothenburg. Along with a small team, he has added something new to the perfume world. A sense of playfulness perfectly encapsulated by the name of the brand he created. CRA-YON.

Meet Niclas

Welcome everyone, today we are exploring the scent story of Niclas Lydeen, co-founder of Swedish sensation CRA-YON. Niclas has a particular soft spot for figs and loves their sweet scent. However, he is most interested in perfumes that are transportive.

What are your three favourite perfumes?

Black Afgano from Nasomatto is one of my go-to scents and so is L’artisan parfumeur Arcana Rose. For me, because we are constantly developing scents, to be honest, I always consume our own perfumes. I rarely buy perfumes from other brands instead of the ones we are developing. I think that continental is a great perfume. I’m really into a new scent that we released in a perfume oil that is a fig/cannabis scent. It’s a beautiful thing that we have been working on for a while, and we will launch it soon. I love figs, and I love figs in perfume. So maybe you can say anything with a good fig scent.

What does perfume mean to you?

I think it is like a portal to another dimension or another world. When you spray something that happens in your mind. Your mood shifts, your mindset shifts. After that, you approach the world differently. For me, scent triggers your mind to open up more doors. It’s transportive.

If you could create your ideal scent, what would that be like?

I enjoy it when a scent develops during the day. I want it to evolve. I want it to be transportive. The scent should take you somewhere when you spray it. It doesn’t just smell good, it actually moves you into another state of mind. The High Road (a perfume oil soon to be realised) includes CBD inside, and it has a kind of calming quality to it. So the ideal scent for me is transportive, something long-lasting and something that puts me in a happy place.

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