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Scent Stories: Julian

The best thing about my job is being surrounded by unique people. Our family vibe helps us work well together, and our variety helps us build a great service for you. I’m Julian, head of Parfumado’s finance team, and my favourite fragrance families are fresh and woody.

Meet Julian

Hey everyone! Working in finance is often seen as something dull. But I see it differently; our team helps every other part of the company run smoothly. Even before I joined Parfumado, I used perfume pretty regularly. Before a night out or a date, I'd spray a little something to give me a boost of confidence. However, once I joined Parfumado (almost two years ago), I stepped it up a level. Like many of our team, I'm now a fully-fledged perfume nerd.

What are your three favourite perfumes?

A.N. Other - WD/18 (My daily scent), Histoires de Parfums - This is not a blue bottle 1/.1 and lastly Room 1015 - Yesterday. You can't go wrong with either three.

What does perfume mean to you?

Before joining Parfumado, I would only wear perfume If I went to a party or restaurant. I felt confident wearing the same fragrance over and over, just like every other man. Since I started working for Parfumado I've discovered so many new perfumes types. I wanted to step up my game and so I tried completely new fragrances that not everyone wears. Finding these unique perfumes that smelled amazing, really gave me that extra confidence. To me wearing perfume is now just as important as wearing a nice outfit. It is how I start my day and completes my mood.

What is your ideal scent/perfume?

I would suggest something with Woody and fresh/Acqua. It would remind you of a secluded beach, one hidden behind a forest with clear warm water. Now that sounds like a dream.

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WD/18A.N Other