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Scent Stories: Fábio

The beauty of my job is that the experience from project to project vary so widely, that makes every new undertaking a completely new experience. I’m Fábio, head of Parfumado’s tech team and my favourite fragrance families are Fresh and Woody.

Meet Fábio

Hello everyone! Working on systems that can represent businesses, products and people is like an opportunity to experiment with a variety of alter egos. When I joined Parfumado, I found my perfume loving alter ego; and I was immediately in love with it, striving to understand the structural and emotional composition of fragrances, with the mission to better serve people on their scent discovery; helping them experience the same passion and curiosity.

What are your three favourite perfumes

Van Gils I for him - I love this for more intimate moments, it's a subtle but deeply engaging scent. Dolce & Gabbana - The One For Men for everyday life, I find it well balanced. Noir Tom Ford - I love Noir because it has a strong presence, ideal if you are looking to stand out in the crowd.

What does perfume mean to you?

Perfume is a sensorial medium to represent emotions and it is the olfactory representation of my mood, similar to how clothing is a visual representation of the current moment.

What is your ideal scent/perfume?

My ideal scent should be able to tell who I am. It should transmit joy, compassion and humour. It should be an extrapolation of my personality, triggering the emotions that I like to pass on to people around me, without requiring me to vocalise them.

Fabió's favourites

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