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Scent Stories: Deana

Some people fit neatly into one box or another, and then some people see the box and rip it into pieces. A life filled with discovery, travel and human connection has made this lady the latter. Such a life has been encapsulated in the perfume brand she has created.

Meet Deana

Welcome everyone, today we're exploring the scent story of Deana Wyland-Fries, founder of Elementals Perfumes and master of Feng Shui. Deana has infused her passion for Eastern philosophy and wisdom, particularly Taoism, into a collection of element-based perfumes.

What are your three favourite perfumes?

Scents that have a deep meaning in my life…one of them is Mitsouko by Guerlain because that was my mother. And the other scents that I love are the scents of cigars and leather. It reminds me of my father in the library.

What does perfume mean to you?

For so long, we [humanity] have used fragrances to attract the opposite sex. Nowadays, that is a mute issue because everything is so fluid it doesn’t really matter. For me personally, perfume should be something that makes you feel better. That’s the whole purpose of my perfumes; I want to ignite your inner power. Ultimately, you become much more attractive to other people if you feel good within yourself. Because when you feel good within yourself, you are the one that produces the pheromones that attract the other person, not the perfume. So if you feel strong, balanced, at peace and in love with yourself, it’s easier to be attractive to other people.

If you could create your ideal scent, what would that be like?

Because I am a weak wood, the ideal perfume is a combination of citrus, woody and slight metallic touch to it. I actually mix water and wood pretty often along with a touch of metal because that is my ideal situation. But if I know I am going into an important meeting I will wear metal because metal is my power. Or if I need to focus and I’m doing a lot of writing I will wear wood because the cedar and grapefruit give me that concentration. Bergamot is a scent that has followed me all my life.

Deana's favourites

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