Le Galion

“Original, exceptional, fiery and subtle fragrances”

Le Galion Perfume House has a lively history. Le Galion was founded in 1930 by Prince Murat, king of Naples, and resold to Paul Vacher in 1935. Vacher was already a legend in the field of perfumery at that time. In 1927 he worked with Marcel Guerlain and later also for Lanvin. The perfumes he created for Lavin were a great success and so Vacher started his own perfume house: Le Galion, and achieved great success. Shortly after Vacher's death in 1975, Le Galion collapsed. Almost 30 years later, Le Galion has been reborn and the rare luxury and refined creations are back. The perfumes of Le Galion Perfume House are passionate scents, both fiery and subtle. They create a trail of admirers behind those who wear them.