EPC is a perfume brand of the Experimental Perfume Club. Experimental Perfume Club’s Essentials is a collection that celebrates the refined simplicity of the ingredients we love. Designed to wear alone or to blend together to create a signature scent personalised to your own taste, each fragrance brings together a minimalist blend of less than thirty of the finest perfumery ingredients.

The Essentials collection started in the Experimental Perfume Club in London, a perfume house specialising in bespoke perfumery. The store opened up for visitors in 2016 founded by perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin. Each perfume of the Essentials collection is imagined around a duo of two core ingredients and hand blended by the perfumer in their perfume house in London. Wear each EPC Essential fragrance individually or blend them together to create your very own scent.

Every perfume of EPC is cruelty-free and vegan.

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Sandalwood / MuskEPC