Smell like spring with these green perfumes!

Are you ready to fully enjoy spring? Then make room for a complete perfume switch! Since we will be able to go outside less this spring than usual thanks to the lockdown, we are bringing the spring inside this year. We do this with green perfumes, to mimic that wonderful outdoor air. When we think of the trees that are in full bloom and nature coming back to life, we think of vegetable scent extracts, green fresh herbs and earthy elements. Accented with fresh citrus or warm woody notes. Let yourself be inspired by our favorite green perfumes, so that you can still experience that wonderful spring feeling!

Our favourite Green Perfumes

For him: Rituals - Oasis Verte

This delicious perfume by Dutch perfume house Rituals is, as the name suggests, like a lush green oasis. Haitian vetiver and green patchouli in the base are reminiscent of a hidden oasis in ancient Arabia. Sicilian lemon and spicy black pepper create a surprising opening. This green and earthy perfume Oasis Verte is a must try this spring!

For her: Hermès - Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

This perfume smells green, floral and fresh, just like spring. This dreamlike perfume by Hermès is inspired by an impressionistic walk in the island gardens of the Nile in Assouan. With accords of green mango, lotus, incense, rattan palm and wood, this perfume is a refreshing olfactory experience. Do you want to start this spring luxurious and fresh? Then get to know Un Jardin Sur Le Nil.

Unisex: Fugazzi - Thirsty

Fugazzi is a new, young perfume house and believe us: they know how to create a beautiful fragrance experience! Perfume Thirsty is one of our personal favorites. This green and woody perfume is special, surprising and smells wonderfully fresh. Long-lasting green elements of apple, galbanum and bluebells in combination with a delicious, warm base of musk, cedar and amber. You should try Thirsty by Fugazzi this spring to prepare yourself for a warm summer!