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These perfumes take you on a journey!

Which holiday destination would you most like to fly to this summer? A magical beach hidden behind tropical palm trees? Or perhaps, fly to Ibiza and enjoy a beach party or two (or ten)? We all long for a well-deserved holiday, but whether we can pack our bags this summer is unfortunately not yet clear (thanks again, corona). One thing is sure, there are plenty of perfumes that will still give us that wonderful holiday feeling! We can't stop dreaming of beautiful holiday destinations thanks to some of our summer fragrances. Are you curious to know which holiday destination the following perfumes will take you to?

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Vanille CocoComptoir Sud Pacifique

Vanilla Coco by perfume house Comptoir Sud Pacifique is the olfactory experience of coconut and vanilla. Based on the ultimate holiday feeling, this perfume takes you on a journey to the beautiful Greek islands. The azure sea, the aesthetic architecture, the white beaches... Mykonos, also known as the Greek Ibiza, has everything our sun-loving heart desires.

Spray the perfume Sand Service of CRA-YON, close your eyes and let yourself be transported to a beautiful holiday resort. This fragrance smells warm-spicy and powdery with ingredients from all over the world. Visualise the French Riviera and open your eyes to Monaco, Nice, St. Tropez... Pure luxury and beauty. CRA-YON is a perfume house with beautiful, summery perfumes, each with its own holiday feeling.

Simple, with an unexpected layering. Molecule 01 + Mandarin consists of only two perfume ingredients and yet, captivates us with its summer character. The simple elegance of mandarin makes us feel sunny and optimistic. Warm and colourful, just like northern Italian Sicily.

What makes perfume house Gallivant so special is that the entire perfume collection is based on travel. Each perfume evokes the feeling of a different holiday destination, this perfume Tel Aviv. "Tel Aviv is a true blend of Mediterranean elegance, modern Middle Eastern heat and cosmopolitan coolness like nowhere else on earth." This perfume actually takes you on a journey!