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Brand interview: Escentric Molecules

Meet the extraordinary perfume house Escentric Molecules. Their perfumes are exclusive and are only sold at a handful of high-end perfumeries. At Parfumado, we can't get enough of the special character of their fragrances and are proud to offer the brand in our collection! We have five perfumes in our range from EM, below we've highlighted three that you absolutely must try!

What makes the perfumes unique?

Escentric Molecules focuses on the molecule Iso E Super, artificially composed in the perfume laboratory. The peculiarity of the scent of this molecule is that IT first seems to disappear only to come back 'smoothly'. In addition, Iso E Super has the same effect as natural pheromones: making you more attractive to the opposite sex!

Did you know...Escentric Molecules' perfumes are not tested on animals and are therefore cruelty-free!

Molecule 01

The most popular fragrance from the collection is Molecule 01. This composition consists only of Iso E Super. It is a soft, woody scent that feels different for each person. It is sometimes said that the aroma is so gentle that it is as if you are not wearing any perfume, but rather as if your skin smells good from itself. Learn more about Molecule 01 in the review video below.

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Molecule 01Escentric Molecules

Escentric 01

Do you find Molecule 01 a bit too soft, and could it be a bit more present? Then try Escentric 01: this perfume consists of 65% Iso E Super with additions of lime zest, green jasmine, iris root and musk. The scent is clean, fresh and sexy without being too overpowering. The fragrances from the Escentric line have a slightly stronger 'presence' on the wearer.

Molecule 02

Molecule 02 is a bright fragrance that dries down to a warm and sexy perfume. The fragrance is built on the synthetic (= not natural) fragrance molecule ambroxan. This creates a nutty and warm character.

Be prepared: some people smell Molecule 01 minimally. This could be because the perfume contains only Iso E Super, which your nose gets used to quickly. Also, keep in mind, that Molecule 01 is not constantly very present, but more in fits and starts.