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The flowers are blooming: enjoy these floral perfumes!

After a long, dark winter, the days are finally getting longer and brighter. Officially, spring begins on the 21st of March, but by the end of February, the first early bloomers make us long for spring. Nature is coming back to life after a long, deep winter's sleep, and so we can wake up too. The very first flowers start to bloom, and the first buds on the trees sprout. The colourful leaves are not only a cheerful sight. All these blooming and growing flowers bring with them delicious aromas that are characteristic of spring. So bring spring inside with our favourite floral perfumes!

Floral perfumes

Several different scent families make it possible to classify perfumes. One of these is the floral fragrance family. With its natural fragrance, the floral fragrance family is one of the most used perfumes for women. Animal (musk), powdery or slightly woody notes often enhance the floral bouquet. Masculine perfumes may also contain floral notes. A Common fragrance note in these perfumes is aromatic lavender. Unisex fragrances often have floral accords as well. The narcissus, for example, is a spring flower and a popular perfume ingredient because of its powdery undertones.


Our selection

We have selected some of our favourite floral perfumes for spring for you. Try one...