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Scent stories: Luke

Working at Parfumado is a joy, not only do we have a great team and great members, but we also get to discover perfume like nobody else. We'll share our knowledge, tips and tricks in our Scent Stories. Next up is our UK Copywriter and Content Creator, Luke. His Scent Profile includes: wood, aromatic, citrus and spice.

Meet Luke

Hello everyone, I'm Luke, and I joined the Parfumado team in the summer. As one of two native Brits on the team, I'm the go-to guy when it comes to words. I've always loved writing, and writing about perfume is no exception. From sun-soaked terraces surrounded by lemon trees to a walk through a pine forest with a Cuban in hand. The imagery that helps us understand perfumes is vital, and it's what I strive to perfect.

What are your three favourite perfumes?

I find it a little tricky to pinpoint one perfume that I reach for in any circumstance. Instead I like to choose my scent based on the occasion/season. At the minute, my number one has to be Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01 + Patchouli. It's a subtle but lingering fragrance. After that I like to play, Hermès - Eau de Néroli Doré is a current favourite for winter, but apply sparingly! One spray is enough, it's also a great base layer if you are into layering. ROOM 1015 - Sweet Leaf is also a banger and I really love the 1015 concept.

What is your perfume routine like?

My perfume routine is efficient to say the least. Two sprays after I have showered. One on my neck (pulse point) and another on my left wrist. I wear my watch on the right so spraying on the left prevents it being rubbed off. I know it looks cool, but rubbing perfume into your skin is a waste, you're basically rubbing off the scent.

What is your ideal scent or perfume?

I can’t explain it but I have an affinity with citrusy and wood scents, particularly if they are accompanied by a hint of floridity. It takes me to the Agean Sea (Greece Islands) where I’m surrounded by nothing but old houses, citrus trees and rays of sunshine. If perfume transports me somewhere remote and sunny I’m happy.

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Molecule 01 + PatchouliEscentric Molecules