When will I receive my first perfume?

Parfumado works with two shipping dates each month: the 1st and 15th. You can start a subscription and choose your first perfume in the perfume calendar up to seven days before a given shipment date (of the 1st or 15th). Meaning that if your membership starts 7 days (before 11pm) before the next shipment date, we will include your perfume in the first shipment. If you start within 7 days of the next shipment date, we will send your first perfume on the shipment date after that.

So I can choose any perfume I want?

Yes, you can order any perfume that we offer on the website! The price is the same for every perfume, irrespective of the price of the full-sized perfume in the shops. You can always rely on us for help choosing your next perfume and see recommendations from perfumers and other perfume-lovers.