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OMBRELLA CRASH is a little prank, a joke that tellus us about the fun-loving spirit of the island of Saint Barth, of how it teases the tourists who struggle to open an umbrella when they are caught in a sudden tropical storm. The island responds to this gesture with the force of nature, turning things on their heads and inviting us to experience the rain. The fragrance is an invitation to live on instinct, to think outside the box, to act in ways that break with our usual habits. And to surround ourselves with new opportunities that we discover as we observe the horizon from a completely new perspective. The perfume is flowery and fruity with a head of pink pepper, kiwi and rhubarb. The heart is filled with jasmine, cyclamen, watermelon, sea notes and coral reef and the base welcomes you with musk, sandalwood and lemon tree!

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