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For Him Niche - Parfumado

Discover and experience a selection of beautiful perfumes (4x 2ml) from the Parfumado collection. This set includes perfume from 4 different fragrance families, perfect for home discovery and slim enough to fit through your post box. This exploration set is specially created for lovers of niche perfumes with a masculine character.

This set contains the following perfumes:
Fresh: Cyan Nori - Abel (2ml)
Exotic: Parfum 1 - Fugazzi (2ml)
Woody: gs03 - Biehl Parfumkunstwerke (2ml)
Gourmand: Spontaneous Generosity - State of Mind (2ml)

Read the For Him Niche reviews from our customers to learn more about the fragrance. Experience For Him Niche for a whole month by adding it to your perfume calendar.

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