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London's indie perfume brand Gallivant's collection is inspired by the exciting atmosphere of the coolest, most creative cities worldwide. Non-stop go-go-go. Brooklyn is buzzing with energy, with a creative and intellectual slant. Speed ​​walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on your way to a breakfast meeting. Life takes place on the wide New York sidewalks. Early summer breeze, the neon lights of the bars and diners and bright apartments full of books. Cocktails with friends, a lazy May afternoon in the sun in Park Slope, the warmth on your skin, small flowers in the grass, fresh air and a musk-like citrus scent, captured in a fresh and spicy top note with notes of bergamot, pressed lemon and orange juice, frankincense, cardamom and essential elements. A flower heart with magnolia and lily. And a base of white woods, benzoin, amber and musk.

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