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London's indie perfume brand Gallivant's collection is inspired by the exciting atmosphere of the coolest, most creative cities worldwide. The unisex perfume "Berlin" is woody, spicy and full of citrus notes: an olfactory contrast between light and dark. The scent more concretely evokes the asphalt and steel that dominate this industrial capital, but also the many forests and lakes in and outside Berlin. The inhabitants enjoy carefree summers, the freshness and cooling of the water and the swimming sessions in Strandbad Wannsee. After this, however, life takes place inside again: leather, cigarette smoke, herbs, cups of black tea dominate this urban existence. Decadent and poor at the same time: a sexy combination. Berlin is the city of rough, brutalist apartment blocks and excessive asphalt, as well as elegant parquet floors and modern bohemians. A place where extremes attract and repel each other.

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