Powdery Perfumes

Powdery is not a fragrance note, but often a feeling that can be found in a perfume. Powdery perfumes often have something soft, familiar and enveloping; ideal for when you want to surround yourself with a subtle romantic scent. Powdery perfumes resemble the scent of your favorite face powder or the soft skin of a newborn. They give the wearer a clean and wellness feeling. Powdery perfumes can range from cuddly and friendly to seductive and confident. This is because powdery notes can go in several directions, such as make-up, boudoir, creamy vanilla or musky. Fragrance notes that evoke a powdery feel in a perfume are musk, tonka beans, iris root, vanilla and multiple flower types, such as violet and heliotrope.

We have put together a selection of the most soft, comforting and powdery perfumes especially for you.