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5 tips: how to find a perfume for someone else?

Perfumes are intimate and personal, which makes them a special gift. Thoughtful and memorable. On the other hand, the personal touch makes it tricky, because how do you find the perfect perfume for someone else? If you get it right, it shows that you have made an extra effort to understand yourself. If you don't do it well, your purchase will (probably) end up tucked away somewhere deep... Save yourself the stress of choosing a perfume for someone else with these five tips!

1. Get to know the other person

Before blindly choosing a perfume, try to immerse yourself in the other person's likes and dislikes. Is their home filled with lavender scented candles, for example? Do they like sweet or savoury? Also, try to get into their daily routine. Do they work full-time? Try to go for a subtle office scent that doesn't smell too overwhelming. Or are they regularly found at the gym? A refreshing citrus scent is ideal.

2. Explore the scent family of their favourite

Perfumes all belong to a scent family. Based on this characteristic, you can go a long way. Do you know what their favourite fragrance is? Then you just need to explore the scent family to find similar perfumes.

3. Go for classics

When in doubt, go for safe choices that are easy to wear and most people like. The most popular fragrance family for women is floral, and for men, it is woody. If you really can't decide, you can always look in these scent families.

4. Think of the whole picture

As the title says, you should think of the total picture that the person radiates and whether the character of the fragrances fits. Is someone very minimalist? Then a heavy and present perfume is probably not for them. The perfume should always be in line with their personal aesthetic.


5. Think from the other person's point of view

When we choose a perfume, we tend to choose what we like ourselves and forget about the person we are buying for. Imagine what the other person would think of the fragrance. Forget your own preferences, smell with an open mind and always consider the other person.

Ask yourself: does this perfume suit them? If you see that person wearing it, you have a winner!

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