Maison Violet

"In a world that continuously accelerates, we press pause. We take our time to preserve this know-how and this inexhaustible source of inspiration that is nature. To this end, we are committed to and take part in the causes that are close to our hearts and keep this industry alive."

Founded in 1827 by Mr. François-Étienne Violet, the Violet perfumery marked the French cosmetics industry. Recently, three young entrepreneurial men relaunched the brand. The new owners decided during their training at the French École Supérieure du Parfum to restart the old French perfume factory.

As friends and colleagues, they share a common ambition to rebuild the modern brand, keeping the past in mind. They brought back the well-known scents from the past and created new perfumes from them. The perfumes of Maison Violet are fresh, unique and have sensual facets. They tell the story of the brand and envelop you in the enchanting world of perfume, with both the classics and modern scents.