Atelier Vesper

Atelier Vesper is a high-end fragrance brand founded in the Netherlands, translating memories, emotions, and experiences into scents.

Atelier Vesper believes that everyone deserves to identify his or her personality and character. That is why we want to positively disrupt the market, making high-end Eau de Parfum accessible for everyone.

Together with one of the world’s best noses, they have created the highest quality, hand-blended and distinguished fragrances with a strong cognitive signature.

Offering a selection of distinctive scents, created in Grasse. Translating emotions, memories, and experiences inspired by your life.

Their perfume designer is one of the world’s eminent noses. A household name within the fragrance industry, independently creating fragrances for renowned high-end brands. His compositions often utilize natural botanical ingredients and are inspired by traveling as well as playing with the idea of innovation versus tradition.

Utilizing new scent design methods to push the limits of perfumery.

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