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These natural niche perfumes are a must-try!

We all want to live more environmentally consciously, and it's not just in our eating habits or how we commute to work. Nowadays, you are not only what you eat, but also what you spray! More and more perfume houses are therefore opting for responsible and clean ingredients. It is often the small-scale niche brands that delve into natural perfumes. These natural perfumes smell amazing, and they are also much better for your health and nature. They contain no synthetic or toxic substances, and the perfume ingredients are often sustainable and organic.

The difference between synthetic and natural perfumes

Nature offers a wealth of fragrances. Therefore, in natural perfumes, only ingredients of 100% natural origin are used. In synthetic perfumes; often a synthetic variety is chosen because it is cheaper or easier to obtain. In natural fragrances, you will not find a synthetic variant. Fixing agents, which ensure that fragrances evaporate less quickly, and colouring agents are also added to synthetics. These chemicals can cause skin irritations, headaches and stains on clothing. Natural perfumes contain no chemicals.

Why choose natural?

If it is important to you that your perfume does not contain any synthetic or chemical ingredients or if you have sensitive skin, then it is best to choose a natural perfume. Also, when you suffer from migraines, natural perfumes can be the solution to still wear perfume. It could also be that you care about the environment and want a sustainable, organic and non-chemical perfume. Or, perhaps most importantly, you want a great smelling perfume. In all these cases, we recommend you to take a look at our wide range of natural perfumes!


Our natural perfumes

We are very proud of our wide range of natural perfumes. We want to make everyone aware of the many benefits of natural fragrances. Some of the perfume houses that make natural perfumes are: Miller Harris, Gallivant, Abel, Clean, A.N Other and recently Bon Parfumeur. Go to all perfumes, and use the filter 'natural' for a quick overview of our natural range.

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