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Brand interview: YVRA 1958

Watch the story behind Dutch niche perfume house YVRA 1958.

Asked about his passion for fragrances, journalist Yvo van Regteren Altena confesses that the origins of this fascination lie in the female breast. His grandmother never left the house without dusting her cleavage with a generous spray of perfume.

Watch the video here.

After leaving school, Yvo briefly had the ambition to become a perfumer himself. According to those around him, his 'madness' with scents reached a climax when he studied in Florence. At night Yvo perfumed his Italian lire with potpourri (mixture of natural scented ingredients).

Yvo did not become a perfumer but during his journalistic career, he always followed the scented landscape with his pen. For instance, he interviewed several renowned 'noses' (professional term for perfumers) for the monthly magazine Avenue and NRC Handelsblad.