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Brand interview: Mirko Buffini

He travels the world to discover olfactory notes and new sources of inspiration. Then he translates his travels into various exclusive perfume creations, with the strong Italian character at their heart. Mirko Buffini is definitely one of those niche brands you have to know!


The young perfume house from Florence is known as an elite and prestigious brand. Mirko Buffini draws inspiration from culture, art and his extraordinary travels. "When I travel, I feel the pulse of the world; I learn to understand different cultures, meet other people and gain new experiences. Travel is non-stop learning." For example, the perfume 'Haiku' is inspired by Japanese poetry and 'La Chute D'eau' by a painting by Marcel Duchamp. Through his travels, a subject is formed, from there, he searches for the best fragrance notes.

"The quality of the raw materials is crucial, and this is very pretentious. Then it takes skill and precision to mix the different notes and get the scent I have in my head!"

The exotic creations from Italy

The perfume house currently has 23 different fragrances on the market, of which most perfume lovers know 'Haiku'. With names like Haiku, Kirk, Mu and Saba, the scents sound more Eastern than Italian. Yet the Italian characteristics come through well with the high quality, attention to detail and delight for the senses. Almost all the fragrances in his collection are unisex. Mainly wood or a spice type is used, which can lead to scents that can be easily worn by both genders.

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La Chute d'EauMirko Buffini

Cologne La Chute d’Eau

In April, Mirko Buffini's cologne is in the spotlight. La Chute d'Eau means 'the waterfall'. Inspiration for this fragrance was taken from Marcel Duchamp's painting; 'Etant Donnes'. This painting shows a naked woman in front of an Alpine waterfall. We tried to convey how it feels to bathe naked under a waterfall, and we think we succeeded! The cologne is unprecedentedly fresh, and when wearing this fragrance we wander to the freshness of nature.

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