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The best men's perfumes for spring

Spring is a symbol of new beginnings. Trees are blossoming, and the sun is coming through after the cold, dark winter days: spring has begun. Fragrance notes of moss, flowers and woods remind us of spring. Start your spring with a fresh start and switch up your perfume rotation. Below are our favourite men's perfumes for spring. Must-try!

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XSPaco Rabanne

Woody fragrance notes combined with floral hints make this a perfect perfume for spring. A touch of freshness is added through the delicious combination of bergamot and mint at the top. The spicy notes in the heart of this perfume flow into the sharp cedar scents in the base.

The main notes of this perfume are aromatic, citrusy and fresh-smelling. This makes for a delicious spring cocktail! Neroli (orange blossom) and lavender give us that powdery, floral spring character. Tobacco and tonka bean provide a spicy feeling that suits an elegant man.

A masculine perfume. Powerful, woody and characterised by the vetiver notes. Different woods and mosses are used brilliantly to reflect spring. It is freshly spicy, a tad aromatic and ideal for spring.

Despite this perfume being a unisex fragrance, we think it belongs on this list. Spring can be recognised in this perfume from the fruity and floral notes. The masculinity comes back in the cedarwood and the fresh spicy top with aromatic citrus.

A flower that is in full bloom in spring is magnolia. Let this floral accord be back in this men's perfume by Ineke. It is fresh but warmed up by the spicy tones of cardamom and pepper. It's reminiscent of a rainy morning in spring.