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Six unusual places you should apply your perfume

Because it really does make a difference where you apply your fragrance. Applying your perfume to pulse points gives you an immediate smelling result.

1. Your Hair

Believe it or not, people are claiming that your hair is a better place to hold a fragrance than your skin. Be careful when applying it, though. Instead of spraying the perfume directly on your hair - alcohol dries out - first spritz it on your brush and then run it through your hair. The fragrance will be better distributed across your hair fibres.

2. Behind your ears

The area behind your ears is considered a pulse point, where your blood flows closest to the surface of the skin. This means that more heat is radiated there, and your fragrance will be more effective. Applying your perfume to these pulse points will give you an immediate scented result, unlike lower down the body, where the scent dissipates more quickly. Moreover, it is a good option when you wear a necklace because perfume can affect your jewellery. This way, you don't have to apply the scent to your neck.


3. At the bottom of your back

Perfume expert Chandler Burr says this is the perfect place to apply your fragrance because you can smell it strong enough. To the American Harper's BAZAAR:

'Pull the collar of your top back, and put a blast down your back between clothing and skin. If it's a light fragrance, do it twice. Your natural movements through the air will diffuse the scent more subtly, and it won't be right in front of you - or people you're with.

4. On the inside of your elbows

This is another pulse point that does your perfume justice. Note: make sure your skin is always well moisturized, as this is how your perfume will spread best.

5. Behind your knees

If you've been paying attention to physics, you know that heat goes up. Therefore, it's important to include the lower part of your body when spraying perfume. And since the back of your knee is also a pulse point, this is the best spot.

6. Your navel (bellybutton)

This is a trick we stole from actress Liv Tyler, who got the tip from her father Steven Tyler. Liv told Into the Gloss, "I put little drops on my fingers and put some under my arms and in my belly button.

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Source: Harper's BAZAAR