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How perfumes can contribute to your self-care routine

Taking some time for yourself to relax is very important. We live in a time where we constantly have to be on top of things. Sometimes it can be difficult to sit still and do nothing at all, but relaxing is essential for your body and mind to recharge. So give yourself plenty of pampering moments and rest. Did you know that some fragrances can help you relax? Ylang Ylang and Jasmine are both known for their calming effect. In this blog, you will discover more stress-relieving perfumes, all of which help you relax.

Stress-relieving scents

Fragrances and our state of mind are more connected than you might think. The smell is the sense that can influence us the most. A smell can trigger a memory, improve our mood and even influence our thoughts and emotions. Several scents have a calming effect on our bodies. They are effective against stress, help to relax or stimulate new energy. Awaken your senses and experiment with one of the following relaxing fragrances.

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Jasmine / OsmanthusEPC

The perfume Jasmin / Osmanthus from house Layers is a soft and floral fragrance with a delicious touch of powdery jasmine. The speciality of this flower is its calming effect. The scent of jasmine is also calming and anxiety-reducing. The perfume is feminine, summery and subtle. With a hint of coconut and jasmine blossom, and it feels soft on the skin. Just what you need to get back to yourself.

White Light is a fresh spicy fragrance enriched with floral accents of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. Perfume house Atelier Oblique created a refined perfume with a fresh opening of bergamot and a floral heart combined with musk and orange blossom. All these notes strengthen inner peace and stimulate a sense of freedom.

This perfume by AER is all about the notes of Ylang Ylang, a beautiful flower which blooms on the Ylang Ylang tree. It has a soft, sweet and warm scent that helps you relax. With its earthy and musky undertones, Ylang Ylang helps to clear your head. In Accord No. 06 Ylang Ylang fragrance, fresh citrus, coconut and rose give a unique sensation of relaxation.