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Scent stories: Lotte

Working at Parfumado is a joy, not only do we have a great team and great members, but we also get to discover perfume like nobody else. We'll share our knowledge, tips and tricks in our Scent Stories. Next up is Lotte. Her Scent Profile includes: fresh and woody.

"Are you ready to smell like an expert?"

Meet Lotte

"Hi! I am Lotte, the Parfumado Chameleon. You must be thinking about that animal that can change colours, exactly! My goal is to help people and ensure that they feel empowered. The bigger the challenge, the more energy I have to give. This is how I change colour within Parfumado; from my Customer Happiness team to a helping hand in the People team, evolving into a B2B Sales Associate. Nothing is too crazy for me!"

How would you describe your perfume preferences?

"I came to Parfumado as a prestige fan, but that was quickly put to an end. A world opened up for me, the world of niche perfumes! As an appreciation for our hard work, our team can choose one perfume per month. This started my journey of discovery within the world of perfume. Until now, I have not been able to pinpoint one perfume as a favourite. If I had to choose, I prefer niche perfume houses. I never wear the same thing, but during the day, I like to wear perfumes with a fresh shade and a sultry undertone in the evenings."

What kind of perfumes do you like?

"I am able to answer this question. Everyone has a preference when it comes to fragrance families. Mine is Fresh & Woody. To take the reader home in our perfume language: I am a fan of light facets that go well with woody accents, for me, this gives a perfume real character."


"Par-fun" facts

"I am a huge fan of unisex and men's perfume. That's why I sometimes take my boyfriend's perfume for a change... don't tell him! I recently discovered layering: what if my fresh favourite lacks that sultry touch for a night out? Escentric Molecule to the rescue. Addict alert: you can find a Parfumado perfume in every jacket and bag."

Lotte's favourites

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801Bon Parfumeur

"Because women find this more of a men's fragrance, I say: gimme some!"

"In these cold, wintery, wet days, this perfume makes me feel like I'm lying in a soft floral bath, wonderfully refreshing and spoiled with warmth."

"My daytime favorite for that real morning boost. Fresh, combined with floral notes such as jasmine and a subtle soft base of musk and cedar."