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Perfumes that smell like your skin (but better)

In our opinion, there are two kinds of perfumes. The first kind includes fragrances that are seductive and strong. Everyone wonders whose fragrance it is, and as soon as the wearer walks into a room, heads turn. Intoxicating flowers, smoldering herbs are the kinds of perfumes you know will attract attention.

Then you have the second category: subtle and light perfumes. With notes of musk, salt, soft cotton, and in some cases pheromones, they are designed to smell like your skin, but better. They are the perfume versions of the so-called "no make-up" look.  They invite others to step closer and take in the perfume. People often wonder where these perfumes stop and your skin begins.

Here are a few of our favourite 'skin' perfumes:

Molecule 01 - Escentric Molecules

You've probably gathered by now that we, along with everyone else, are fans of Escentric Molecules. Thanks to its elegant and subtle character, Molecule 01 is perfectly at home in this list. It smells different on every skin, and its seductive character is due to the ingredient Iso E Super. The fragrance is personal, neutral, and intimate.

Hero image skin

Molecule 01Escentric Molecules


This fragrance is not called 'So Nude' for anything; it reminds us of nude skin... It smells lightly floral and refined. With its woody base and notes of patchouli, this perfume is very natural on the skin. The fragrance has a slightly sweet touch, which makes it feminine and accessible.

Peau Santal - Miller Harris

We end the list with Peau Santal by Miller Harris. This perfume is a more complex skin scent with a layering of multiple fragrance extracts, starting with pink pepper and saffron on the top. Violets and incense make up the heart. And many kinds of wood layer up in the base notes with sandalwood as the lead. This luxurious wood smells warm and comfortable.