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Perfumes for the rose lover

Roses are known for their beauty, but they offer much more than that. Rose absolute is the steam-extracted oil of roses. Different cultures globally have used roses for centuries, and they are predominantly used in perfumes and skincare products. Rose is perhaps one of the most popular fragrance notes for women's perfumes in existence! Did you know that although it takes 5,000 kilos of rose petals to produce one litre of essential oil, at least 75% of all women's fragrances contain roses?

Healing properties

Rose absolute is known for its healing properties. According to the Iranian people, rose water and rose oil help with many physical and mental ailments. It is said to aid digestion, respiration, infectious diseases, sleeping difficulties and memory loss. Many of these theories have been proven by modern scientific research.

There are many different types of roses, varying from size to fragrance. The roses recommended for cosmetics are Rosa Damascena and Rosa Centifolia because they are the most aromatic roses. These roses can be found in Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco, among other places. Roses are part of the floral family of fragrances, but this is very broad. Roses have a distinctive and unique scent. The scent can vary from powdery to woody or fruity, depending on the notes added to the perfume. Although each rose perfume is recognisable by the authentic scent of roses, they all have their own character.

These are some of our favourites:

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