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Perfume intentions of Lotte

Meet Lotte! Lotte has been working at Parfumado for almost a year as a Customer Success & Community Lead. She has her own Junior and a whole team working under her to deliver the best customer service together. She cares for her team with love and wants to improve every day. Lotte is always looking for new challenges and improvements to achieve the best possible result. Her motto: the customer is king!

Lotte, how do you look at good intentions?

"My key to success is: start with small and achievable goals."

"You know the drill, those good intentions appear on your 'new-year-new-me' list... Every year the thought pops up in my head of making good resolutions to improve my life. I want to lose those famous Christmas kilos, exercise more and make fewer unnecessary purchases. Well, after a few weeks or sometimes even within a few days, these beautiful plans fall through the cracks. Life goes on, and in no time, I have forgotten all about my goals. This year, I am going to change course, and when making my new year resolutions, I will finally have an achievable goal on my list! Namely, five new perfume resolutions. Want to bet that I'll easily reach these goals?"


Lotte's perfume resolutions for 2021

1. This year, I'm not going to buy a whole bottle!

"Since my introduction to and starting my great job at Parfumado. I have dived deep into the world of perfume. What a range, and sooo many delicious perfumes. No reason for me to save up those big bottles and keep them in my closet for years. This concept is great to alternate every month and then also a small travel size, which I can secretly save and collect too, but they do run out."

2. This year I'm going to try out more Niche perfumes!

"I remember like yesterday, I walked into the office on my first day and they asked me what my favourite perfume was. Full of conviction and praise, I told them I was wearing Alien by Thierry Mugler. "OH NO, really a played out prestige perfume that every young woman wears," I was told. Well, you can guess what happened to my Alien bottle. Let me put it this way, it was time for something new: an original perfume that nobody knows, but of which people think: 'wow, she smells awesome! That's how I came into contact with the famous Niche perfume houses, a justifiable trend and therefore definitely a goal for my list."

3. Develop my own signature scent!

"During my work, I come into contact with all kinds of tips and tricks about perfume. I've learned that as a perfume lover, I need to know how to 'layer' perfumes to develop my unique scent. Mixing and matching different perfumes to develop my own secret perfume seems fantastic to me! I've never tried it before and therefore definitely a goal for my list."

Want to know more about perfume layering? Click here!

4. Give away all perfumes that I don't use!

"I'm really the type who saves perfume, but why? It is so much fun to make other people happy, isn't it? New year, new goal: give away all the little wares or perfumes I don't wear anymore."

5. Discovering THE perfume for my boyfriend!

"You know the situation: you want to give your boyfriend a nice perfume as a present for his birthday or to spoil him for Christmas or an anniversary. But what do you choose? Dozens of scents pop into my head, from the perfume of my former boyfriend (awkward) to the perfume of my father. Not really an attractive thought, of course. I also want my boyfriend to have a signature scent that drives me crazy! So definitely worth putting on my goal list as well: Finding THE perfume for my boyfriend!"