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Perfume hack: scent your hair

In the perfume hack blog series, we share all our favourite tips and tricks that you, as perfume lovers, should know about! Perfume Hack #3 is the perfect hack to make others smell your perfume even better. We think you'll find this tip very useful because it might not be something that comes out of the blue. We are talking about...

Scenting your hair

Have you ever been walking down the street when you suddenly smell a wonderful perfume without knowing where it is coming from? The French call this 'sillage', a smell that lingers in the air after someone has passed. This, of course, is the effect you want to achieve by wearing perfume. You want to stand out with your wonderful fragrance, exude a certain charm. And luckily for you, we know how to create this seductive 'sillage'. Perfuming your hair!

Where do you spray perfume?

The places you're probably used to spraying your fragrance are called pulse points. Pulse points are where you feel your heartbeat, on your neck area, behind your ears, on the inside of your wrists, elbows and knees. Perfume needs heat to develop on your skin. By spraying perfume where blood vessels are close to the surface, you amplify this effect. The only downside is that many fragrances, especially the more subtle ones, can only be smelled when you stand close to someone. This is, of course, very intimate, but it does not achieve the desired wow effect every time. This brings us to our perfume hack.

Scent your hair!

We recommend that from now on - if you haven't done so already - also spray perfume into your hair! This is an effective way to enhance the French 'sillage' without overdosing yourself with an aroma. Why is it so effective? First of all, your hair absorbs odours as it is exposed to them throughout the day. Secondly, the scent molecules of perfume develop much more slowly in the hair, so the scent remains alive longer.


How do you perfume your hair?

Perfuming your hair is easy, but avoid common mistakes! We have come up with a few tips to make sure your perfume is revived!

1. Don't spray the perfume directly on your hair, but let it atomise your hair. There are a few ways to do this. You spray perfume on your hair at least 20 centimetres distance, or spray perfume in the air and wave your hair through it. Whip your hair back and forth.

2. Spread the perfume evenly, without making your hair 'wet'.

3. Massage your hair with your hands or run a brush through your hair to distribute the perfume better.

4. Use perfumes with the lowest possible alcohol content, preferably alcohol-free. This is because alcohol can dry out the hair.

We hope this hack will help you enjoy your fragrance even longer!