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Perfume hack: 4 tips during the summer

Us perfume lovers have a love/hate relationship with summer. On the one hand, summer is the ultimate season to enjoy your perfume. With the warm weather and sunshine, we go outside a lot. And that gives us a chance to impress more people with our delicious fragrance. Besides, there are a lot of summer perfumes - each more delightful than the last - that gives us that ultimate summer feeling. Unfortunately, there is also a downside. Sunlight and warm temperatures are bad for your perfume. Not only when it's in the bottle but also on your skin. A real nuisance. But don't worry; you can still enjoy your favourite fragrance this summer, as long as you keep the following tips in mind!

How to wear perfume safely in the summer

UV rays from the sun combined with perfume can irritate your skin. Every skin is unique, and it could be that you are sensitive to a substance in perfumes. In combination with UV rays, this can be exaggerated and become an issue. If you want to enjoy your fragrances in the summer, it is best to spray perfume in places that don't see much sun, such as under your clothes or under your long hair.

Protect your perfume from sunlight

Sunlight can be harmful to the composition of your perfume, not only on your skin but also in the bottle. The heat and light can make your perfume smell different, discolour or even evaporate. Never put your perfume somewhere where it is directly in the sunlight. This prevents it from being affected; your windowsill is a terrible choice of storage space! A dark drawer is ideal. Our travel cases and black tubes are also very suitable because we know our stuff.


Protect your perfume against warm temperatures

Just like sunlight, warm temperatures are very harmful to perfume. Avoid exposing your fragrances to summer temperatures for as long as possible. The best temperature for storing perfume is below 15 degrees Celsius. Your fridge is your friend, especially during the summer. This way your perfume is less likely to expire, and it is also cold when you spray it.

Day at the beach?

A humid climate is not ideal for your perfume. For example; your bathroom is not a suitable place to store your fragrance, because it is constantly exposed to heat and humidity. Would you like to take your perfume on a beach day or to the swimming pool, so you can disguise the chlorine or seawater? You can, but don't forget your travel case for protection against water and sand. Important to remember: after a hot beach day, don't keep your perfume in the same bag as your damp bath towel or beach towel. Put it back in your safe place.