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Parfumado: perfume subscription founded by brother and sister

Our founders, siblings Martijn and Floor van Rooy, were asked to participate in a TV programme for investment and did not have to think twice. In this Dutch version of Dragon's Den, broadcast by NPO, new entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their concept to successful investors. Based on the pitch, the individual investors decide whether they want to invest in the business plan and make the entrepreneurs' dreams come true.

Just like the UK version, hopeful business partners pitch their new product or service to five seasoned business titans. The idea is to secure start-up investment or an extra financial injection for growth. It is up to the entrepreneurs to convince and seduce the five investors to make their life's work a household name.

These experienced and successful investors will only invest their (own) money if they really believe in it. They will put the entrepreneurs on the firing line and critically question the feasibility of the ideas. Who are these entrepreneurs? Well they may not be known to you, but these five business magnets are giants in the world of Dutch and European business; Michel Perridon, Pieter Schoen, Nikkie Plessen, Won Yip and Shawn Harris.


Our pitch

Parfumado is convinced of the power of scent. Fragrances awaken desires, evoke emotions and bring memories to life. In short, smell, and therefore perfume, is something very personal. Our aim? To contribute to a world where people wander and stay curious. We believe we can do this through perfume.

The offering of perfumeries is enormous and continues to grow every year. So the important question is how do we help people continue to explore these new scents without breaking the bank? Parfumado was the answer.

This is how our sample service was born. From the idea that shopping for perfumes should be fun, easy and personal. And that wearing perfume on the go should be super easy because isn't our perfume our most powerful accessory?