Since we need to produce and ship tens of thousands of packages each month; all activities of this role are aimed to successfully ensure this objective. When you start in this position you will become familiar with all processes, before you can take ownership of them. Whatever your responsibilities, you will work closely with the Operations Manager to align on the key processes each week. Together you will have to manage the Operations Team, currently consisting of working students, interns and the production team. If you want to develop yourself further within your role and as a starting manager, the Operations Manager can be your mentor due to his versatile experience. You will be challenged in all aspects of this role, in order to take more lead of the operations along the way.

Junior Warehouse and Operations Manager

The ideal candidate is a young professional that is driven and passionate about operations. We are looking for someone who has the real potential to grow within this role, and our aim is to give you as much responsibility as you aspire. Apart from the main activities there will be projects to implement improvements and expand the production capacity. The more you can contribute the better, and a positive, looking-for-solutions mindset will help you with that.

Main activities and responsibilities

- Forecasting products and shipping items (what customer demand must we ship and when);
- Purchasing products and shipping items (what products do we need to buy where and when);
- Scheduling production operations (how many people do we need to ensure production demand);
- Managing production operations (ensuring the team is producing the right products the right way);
- Managing warehouse inventory (what is our stock and what have we produced or shipped);
- Managing outbound logistics (ensuring we will ship our products in full and on time);
- Collaborating with the Operations Manager (discussing critical topics that may need to be improved).

Qualifications / Requirements

- Bachelor’s or Master's degree in Operations or Supply Chain related field;
- Driven and passionate about this field of work;
- Warehouse or operations experience is a plus;
- You need to be a precise worker and have an eye for detail;
- Excel skills are required to manage the warehouse inventory;
- People skills are required to lead a young team;
- Thinking in solutions and improvements is a big plus;
- Fluent in Dutch and at least comfortable working in English. 


The salary for this position is dependent on age, background and experience.

Hiring progress

We are looking forward to getting in touch! Contact for more information.

december 07, 2020