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Meet the Parfumado Experts! - Linsey

At 'Meet the Parfumado Experts!' you will meet members who have been subscribed for more than 16 months! These perfume lovers have discovered a new perfume from our unique range for 16 months straight. Are you curious about what knowledge these experts have? Or what their favorite perfume is that they have discovered with us? All your questions will be answered in this blog!

Meet Parfumado Expert:

Linsey van den Berg

Linsey is 30 years old and the mother of two boys. The oldest is 9 years old and the youngest is 1.5 years old. She works as a sales assistant for a company that makes packaging for sweets and chocolate. In her free time she likes to do fun activities with her children. She also likes to go out for dinner or sit at a table on a terrace and she likes to binge watch tv shows. Linsey's personal fragrance profile is: Oriental and Floral.

Hi Linsey! How long have you been a member of Parfumado?

"I have been a member of Parfumado since March 2019, so for 1,5 year."

What was the very first perfume you wore?

"My first perfume ever was Maroussia or Cool Water by Davidoff. Two fragrances that I would never wear again now, haha! My first perfume from Parfumado was Decadence by Marc Jacobs. This fragrance is in my top 3, by the way!"

What makes Parfumado so much fun for you?

"I really enjoy opening the package every month! Because of Parfumado I try a perfume faster than normal. Otherwise I wouldn't do so very quickly, because a bottle of perfume is quite expensive."

What does your filled-in perfume calendar looks like for the upcoming months?

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OlympeaPaco Rabanne

What are your 3 favorite perfumes that you discovered during your membership?

"Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules, Womanity by Thierry Mugler and Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle by Lanvin."

Would you like to describe these 3 perfumes; What do you like about them, what do they smell like, when do you wear them?

"Molecule 01 is a very unique, special fragrance. I had never smelled a fragrance like this before. The scent is very subtle but present. I always get a lot of compliments about it and the scent really stands out to others, which I think is a nice extra. I mainly wear this fragrance during the week and during the day.
Womanity is a very feminine fragrance, it lives up to its name! It really is a scent that makes people turn their heads when you walk by. The scent is sensual and perfect for a date, for example! You are guaranteed to score extra points with this fragrance!
Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle is a luxurious, but fresh fragrance. Ideal for a beautiful summer day!"

What is your 'Signature Perfume' and how did you find it?

"I like a lot of scents, but Decadence by Marc Jacobs is my all-time favorite! I have been in love with this perfume for so long that I don't even remember when I first smelled it. It was love at first sight."

What is your ultimate Parfumado pro tip?

"If you like a unique fragrance that not everyone wears, give Molecule 01 a try!
I always have a bottle of Parfumado perfume everywhere; in the car, in my bag, in the bedroom... There is no excuse for not smelling good!"

Last but not least, would you like to add a photo of your Parfumado collection?

"The above tip is also the reason why I cannot take a nice picture of my collection, because the bottles are everywhere and nowhere. To be honest, they also never last very long, because I am a very enthusiastic user! Actually, I would like to display them neatly somewhere someday, I'm going to put it on my to-do list!"