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Meet the Parfumado Experts! - Angelique

At 'Meet the Parfumado Experts!' you will meet members who have been subscribed for more than 16 months! These perfume lovers have discovered a new perfume from our unique range for 16 months straight. Are you curious about what knowledge these experts have? Or what their favorite perfume is that they have discovered with us? All your questions will be answered in this blog!

Meet Parfumado Expert:

Angelique van Hoewijk-Verhage

Angelique is 30 years old and a proud mother of 2 daughters. She lives in Rotterdam, together with her husband, kids and dog. She works as a purchasing executive in the shipping industry. She is responsible for the purchasing and every day is different. In her spare time Angelique enjoys swimming, watching soccer on television, going to the movie theaters or out for dinner, and having a city break with her family. Her personal fragrance profile is Oriental.

Hi Angelique! How long have you been a member of Parfumado?

"Since March 17, 2019."

What was the very first perfume you wore?

"From Parfumado this was Alien by Thierry Mugler. I don't remember what my first perfume ever was. I'm pretty sure that it was a fragrance from my mother, because I always liked to spray on her (expensive) perfumes."

Wat makes Parfumado so much fun for you?

"That I have a present for myself every month (with 2 children you don't spend much on yourself anymore ;-)). I also really like that you can discover new perfumes."

What does your filled-in perfume calendar look like for the upcoming months?

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Classique EdPJean Paul Gaultier

What are your 3 favorite perfumes that you discovered during your membership?

"Alien and Angel by Thierry Mugler, and Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier."

Would you like to describe these 3 perfumes; What do you like about them, what do they smell like, when do you wear them?

"I like strong scents, but also sweet at the same time. These three perfumes have all of that. I often wear them on special occasions, such as going out for dinner or on a night out."

What is your 'Signature Perfume' and how did you find it?

"I absolutely adore the scents of Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier. These suit me very well. It is a pity that the Thierry Mugler perfumes are now out of the collection at Parfumado. Fortunately, there is plenty of other choice!"

What is your ultimate Parfumado pro tip?

"If you are really into strong, floral scents then I suggest you to try the fragrances of Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler. If you like variation in what perfume you wear and would like to discover exactly your type of perfume, Parfumado is highly recommended! I am very happy with my subscription."

Last but not least, would you like to add a photo of your Parfumado collection?

"I keep my Parfumado perfumes in a drawer. This is only a small part of my collection!"

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