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Brand interview: Room 1015

Room 1015

Meet Room 1015, a perfume house where music and perfume align! This renewing brand was founded by Michael Partouche: ex-pharmacist, musician, storyteller & parfum creator. He composes voluminous songs that describe the fragrant notes and the story behind each of his perfumes. Room 1015 is based on rebellious Los Angeles in the 1970s.

In this exclusive interview for Parfumado with founder Michael Partouche, a.k.a. "Dr. Mike", you will learn all about this unique perfume house.

What does the brand Room 1015 stand for?

"Room 1015 stands for Music & scents within an Rn’R aesthetic."

Where did your passion for perfume come from?

"I used to be a pharmacist, so chemistry was my thing. But I am also a musician and perfume is at the crossroad of these 2 worlds, music & science, that everything opposes. It seems that I need to express my creativity through notes, with an instrument or with a scent."

What does the development process for each fragrance look like?

"I am not a marketing guy. I never create a scent and then find a story for it. That will never happen. The story is supposed to give the ingredients and not the other way around.

As an example, our scent ATRAMENTAL, inspired by tattoos aesthetic, smells like blood, burned leather and ink. It’s a real story: close your eyes, smell and it will take you somewhere.

The process always starts with a mood board. I write a story about an inspiring theme and discuss it with perfumers ( Jérôme Epinette, Anne Sophie Behaghel, Amélie Bourgeois, and more recently Serge De Oliveira). Once the scent is ready, we create a song for the perfume with artist Pat Dam Smyth, who was the organ player in my band during my music years in London.The track describes the scent and we call the proces "Listen To Your Fragrance."

What is your connection with music?

"Music has been in my life since the age of 11, when I started to play guitar.

As far as I remember, I always wanted to live out of music. But then life happens and you gotta study, and get a job.

So I did that and got a degree as a Dr. in Pharmacy (f*ck I did!) and worked part time, as I was doing a lot of music. I had a band called Rodeo Massacre, and we were doing pretty good, so I decided to quit my job and moved to London to live my dream."

With the band, we spent 5 amazing years, traveling, playing, recording, meeting the most inspiring people, living the dream with not a lot of money, but dream it was! When the band stopped, I founded Room 1015."

A day at Room 1015 looks like...

"I work from home, the Sonos speaker is always on with Spotify, morning until evening (listening to Ozzy Osbourne right now). In front of my desk is a picture of Angus Young ( AC/DC) and another one of Joe Strummer ( THE CLASH). On my desk, perfumes, and a flower bouquet ( Lys at the moment). Close to me, my bouledogue (bulldog) Belle. During the day, my hands are in need to play some guitar, so I pick it up and play a bit, even 5 minutes, to take a break with the daily routine of invoices, Instagram, mood boards, future plans and other projects. I have a hard time to stop working as I really love my job."

What do you enjoy most about your job?

"The freedom of creativity."


Discover the fragrances by Room 1015

Cherry Punk

Cherry Punk is inspired by Punk fashion. Powerful as a youth riot, but still sweet and romantic - the idealism of adolescence wrapped in a heavy leather jacket. Fruity notes of sweet cherries mixed with leather accents.

Ten Fifteen

Ten Fifteen is a woody unisex perfume. It is a tribute to the Rock 'N Roll era of the 1970s. Expect a blend of burnt sandalwood with fresh notes of tangerine and violet - the perfect match for a rebellious touch.

Holly Rose

Holly Rose by Room 1015 is a woody perfume for men and women with accents of leather and roses. Holly Rose is floral and romantic.