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Brand Interview: Essential Parfums

New additions are always exciting, but Essential Parfums (EP) is something truly special. Especially for the perfume super nerds among us. This brand emphasises its ingredients and perfumers above anything else. So if you want a flashy bottle, this isn't the brand for you. In the words of Essential Parfums - "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." and we couldn't agree more. Here is a short summary of one of the newest members of our collection.

Essential Parfums was founded after 25-years of perfume experience. The brand set out with a rebellious nature, ready to upset the status quo. The idea was to celebrate the mastery of perfumery with the best possible ingredients and the best artists. Because that is what perfumers are, aren't they? Artists. More often than not, perfumers are relegated to back rooms, out of sight and mind. However, that is not the case at Essential Parfums. At EP, the perfumers are treated like true artists, each signing their names on their masterpieces. As EP put it - "They are our stars."

This simplicity is intertwined through the rest of the perfume house too. Its ingredients are natural and sustainable when possible (around 86-93% natural, to be specific). This natural focus avoids the cacophony of synthetics, which appear in most prestigious brands. The visuals also mirror the scents in this case. Each bottle is made from sustainable glass and packaged in sustainable packaging. This stripped-back approach lets each fragrance "speak for itself."

The Perfumes

Essential Parfums consists of seven perfumes, five of which have been added to our collection. Each was created and signed by one of the EP perfumers.

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Bois Impérial by Quentin BischEssential Parfums

Bois Impérial by Quentin Bisch is a naturally fresh and herby fragrance containing Thai basil leaves, grapefruit facets from Nepal and woody tones.

Divine Vanille by Olivier Pescheux is a tribute to sustainable Vanilla absolute produced in Madagascar.

Orange X Santal by Natalie Gracia-Cetto is a joyful trip to the Italian coast, with natural blends of bitter orange and sandalwood.

Nice Bergamote by Antonine Maisondieu is a celebration of bergamote. Combining Calabrian bergamot leaves, rose petals, jasmine, ylang-ylang, cedarwood and tonka beans.

The Musc by Calice Becker combines red ginger from Laos, lavender from France and Australian sandalwood.

If the Essential Parfums story has captured your imagination, then be one of our first members to try their perfumes. You can add all five featured perfumes to your calendar now. Leave a review and let us know what you think!