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How to prevent perfume from evaporating once and for all!

Perfume may seem like a simple addition to your daily beauty routine: a few sprays here and there, and that's it. But like everything in life, you have to do it right to achieve the results you desire. Applying perfume takes precision and knowledge. But you know that that's why you are here.

There's nothing more annoying than perfume you can't smell after an hour. In the end, you're the one who wants to enjoy it the most (and longest). These insider tips will ensure your perfume never goes away in an hour, and you keep smelling all day!

Step 1. - Moisturise your skin

Before applying perfume, your skin must be clean. That's why perfume application is most ideal after a bath or shower. But your skin shouldn't be dehydrated, ideally, your skin should be on the oily side. That is why it's best to moisturize your skin first before applying perfume, for example, with body lotion. You can also use a little vaseline on the spot where you are going to spray. This will keep your skin oily and ensure your perfume lasts as long as possible.

Step 2. - Find the right spots

While it's easiest to spray like hell into the air and simply step through the mist but that's not the most effective spraying technique. In fact, the more accurate you are the most you'll get out of your bottles, apply your perfume to places where you can feel your heartbeat. These points are usually warm and help to make your scent more fragrant. Some great application spots are;

- Your wrists
- Between your collarbones
- On the back of your neck
- Behind your ears
- On the inside of your knees and elbows

Step 3. - Don't rub perfume in

After applying your perfume, avoid the tendency to rub it in. I know the temptation is strong. But temptation is your worst enemy here like a cookie jar is one week from your wedding. Rubbing your skin together creates heat which causes a chemical reaction. In turn, this leads to the disappearance of top notes. Put simply, the fragrance molecules are rubbed to pieces. Instead, you should apply your perfume and let it dry on your skin so that your skin can do its thing and absorb.


Step 4. - Apply perfume away from the skin

Spraying perfume very close to the skin is not a good idea. It causes a deposit of the oil that naturally exists on your skin. This prevents the fragrance from being absorbed into your skin. Ideally, you should keep your perfume about 15 to 20 centimetres away from your skin when applying it. That's about half an arm's length (unless you have very long or very short arms).

Step 5. - Do not spray perfume on your clothes

Do not spray your perfume on your clothes. This can cause stains. Apart from the stains, perfume on clothing will dissipate faster. The oils on your skin will keep your fragrance smelling good! Apart from your skin, your hair also retains the scent for a long time. So you can spray directly on your hair or on your hairbrush before you brush your hair with it.