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5 tips: enjoy your perfume for the longest time

Perfume is like a plant: it needs love and attention. Only with the proper care will you be able to enjoy it for the longest time. Okay, perfume doesn't grow by pouring water on it, and talking to it doesn't help much either. But like plants, fragrances have things you can do to ensure they don't go out of date.

1. Keep perfume away from light

Although it might look nice to keep perfume on your windowsill, this is the least suitable place to store perfume. Exposure to sunlight causes the scent molecules in a perfume to break down, making the composition unstable and prone to oxidation.

2. Keep perfume away from heat

Heat will also break down scent molecules and change the chemical composition of a perfume. So keep yours in a cool place. In addition, heat will affect the oils and extracts contained in a perfume. The best temperature for storing perfume is below 15 degrees Celsius.

3. Use up your perfume

Instead of storing three half-empty perfume bottles, it is best to have one bottle open and only open a new one when the other is finished. When a perfume is half empty, the oxygen level in the bottle is very high. Oxygen inside a perfume bottle increases the risk of changing its chemical composition. So, the longer you leave a perfume half-empty, the faster it will expire.


4. Keep perfume in a closed space

Your bathroom is not the best place to store perfume because it is regularly exposed to heat and humidity. Store your fragrances in a box or a closed drawer to protect them from disturbing factors in the air.

5. Keep perfume in a cool place

To keep your perfume at the right temperature it is best to keep it in the refrigerator. Nowadays there are even special fridges for your beauty products! To protect it from light when you open the fridge, wrap it in aluminum foil. Another tip: keep your perfume in the freezer. Perfume contains alcohol, so it cannot freeze. Besides, it's nice and cooling on your skin.