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How natural are natural perfumes?

What's the biggest trend of recent years? Natural products. Food went first, and now cosmetics and perfumes are diving headfirst. People are fed-up with processed products and are demanding clean and green products. Therefore, there are many benefits to skin health. What about perfume? And what exactly does "natural" mean when it comes to perfumes? Let's find out together!


Perfumes are made up of fragrance ingredients. These fragrance compounds determine how a perfume smells. The difference between natural perfumes and conventional perfumes is that natural perfumes are only made of natural fragrance ingredients derived from nature. In addition to conventional perfumes primarily using synthetic fragrances derived from chemicals, other chemicals are often added, such as benzyl alcohol and geraniol. These ingredients can cause headaches, dizziness, skin irritations and allergic reactions. Natural perfumes are free of these additives, ensuring that they are much better for your health. So if you have sensitive skin or often suffer from headaches after spraying perfume, you are much better off wearing natural perfumes.



But what exactly does it mean when a perfume is vegan? Some perfume ingredients, like musk, for example, come from animals. Fortunately, more and more brands are choosing to replace these animal ingredients with a synthetic version. Vegan perfumes do not contain any animal-derived components, only the synthetic substitute. But then you also have cruelty-free perfumes. Although testing cosmetic products on animals is considered highly unethical, conventional perfumes are still often tested on animals. Cruelty-free means that the fragrance has not been tested on animals. So vegan is not always also cruelty-free. A perfume can be perfectly vegan and cruelty-free without falling under the natural category. 'Natural' in this case refers to the avoidance of synthetic ingredients.

Natural perfumes at Parfumado

We at Parfumado are very proud of our wide range of natural perfumes. We would like to make everyone aware of the many benefits of natural perfumes have. Natural brands in Parfumado's range are: Miller Harris, Gallivant, Abel, L'Orchestre de Parfum, Baruti, Aether, Made in Pigalle, Layers, L'Adone, Cra-Yon, Clean, Robert Piguet, Juliette Has A Gun and A.N Other. Go to all perfumes and use the filter 'natural' for a quick overview of our natural range. Or check out our collection of the 16 most chosen vegan perfumes by our customers.

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