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Hit Refresh: a fresh start

Are you ready to start this year with a fresh new start? A new year means new opportunities, endless possibilities and surprising insights. So set yourself some challenging goals and pursue them with a positive outlook. Do you have trouble keeping up the motivation to reach your goals? We have some perfume tips to start your days off with a fresh perspective and sharpened senses. Get the year off to a good start, and be ready for every new morning!


Hit Refresh

Your perfume doesn't just define how you smell, it also affects how you feel. A fragrance is more than just an accessory to present yourself to the people around you. Your perfume sets the tone of your day and reverberates around you like an echo. It reminds you that you are alive and that you have a great day ahead of you. It is important to keep stimulating your senses with new fragrances. At some point, our noses get used to certain smells, and we don't smell a perfume as strongly. That is why it is important to vary your fragrance. Are you ready to exchange your go-to and discover something new? Then start this year hit refresh!

Powerful perfumes

With one of the following powerful and fresh perfumes, you are off to a fresh start! Have you already put them on your calendar?

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Aquatic, fresh, fruity... This fragrance by Clean is reminiscent of a summer rain shower. Let the floral notes and natural elements surprise you. The subtle hint of musk smells warm and familiar. Start your day well with this clean perfume!

Boost your mood with Green, green, green and... green by Miller et Bertaux! As well as being aromatic and woody, citrus is the main note of this fragrance. The scent of citrus is known for its relaxing powers! It also brings a happy feeling. Customer Lonneke writes: "Use this (perfume) in the morning and your morning mood is history."

This cologne by Bon Parfumeur has spicy and powerful notes! Fresh notes of green tea and mint excite your mind taking you on a very refreshing olfactory journey. It is a soft powdery perfume, yet powerful and long-lasting, so you can enjoy it all day long.