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Founders favourites: Floor's men & beauty picks

Floor is known in our office as one of Parfumado's biggest enthusiasts and knows everything about every perfume in our range, and maybe even more. With this knowledge, she gives our customers personal fragrance advice, among other things. Floor is, besides COO, co-founder of Parfumado (responsible for the daily operational management of the whole company) & the sister of Martijn, Parfumado's founder. Previously, this perfume expert told us what she wears herself, but in this blog, she tells us about her top three perfumes for men and her favourite beauty products.

Top 3 men's perfumes

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L'Essence de FlamboyanceYVRA

"I love classic, spicy men's fragrances. Because everyone often relies on the opening of a fragrance, the notes you smell the first minute after spraying, I have to add a disclaimer. L'Essence de Flamboyance opens very intensely, but then this perfume really develops into my all-time favourite. It is also very rich on a scarf or jumper. Whenever someone wears it, I say something about it or ask, What are you wearing?" It's a fairly unknown perfume, so I'm always surprised when others have discovered it too. I know the owner well, he is a nice man. I like to promote his perfumes in my circle of friends. I think I have already given 10 as gifts."

"A classic, who doesn't know it? No less good for that... It remains a very good fragrance that has become so famous worldwide for good reason. I think it is a wonderful, summery fragrance. My husband has been wearing this perfume for years."

"I always have the honour of testing new launches. I do so with great pleasure. It is always special to receive a sample box of a beautiful new niche brand. Sang Bleu by perfume house Le Galion was an immediate hit. It is a spicy striking perfume, and great for men. I immediately launched it as our Perfume of the Month, and it got great reviews. Le Galion is one of the most beautiful perfume brands I know anyway!"

Floor's favourite beauty products

"This is my new addiction. Especially now that all the beauty salons are closed. I always feel a lot better when my eyebrows are in good shape. This brush makes them easy to shape, and it also gives them that little tint that makes them tight and dark. I can't live without it, and it's a big hit with my girlfriends too!"

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