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Founders favourites: Floor

Floor is known in our office as one of Parfumado's biggest enthusiasts and knows everything about every perfume in our range, and maybe even more. With this knowledge, she gives our customers personal fragrance advice, among other things. Floor is, besides COO, co-founder of Parfumado (responsible for the daily operational management of the whole company) & the sister of Martijn, Parfumado's founder. Curious what this perfume expert wears herself? Here are her favourites!

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For Her Eau de ParfumNarciso Rodriguez

"This has been my all-time favourite for years. I spray it four times a day in the morning. It is a very feminine perfume, with citrus, flowers and woods. I always thought I didn't like vanilla in perfumes, but this perfume has very subtle vanilla. My sister always wears For Her too, so it must be a family thing. It also goes well with my second favourite, Molecule 01. You can never have too much of it, really...".

"I was given this perfume as a tip years ago by my sister, who discovered it at Skins perfumery in Amsterdam. This was years ago, and the perfume was for the general public then. It seems that you smell Molecule 01 mostly on others, not on yourself. But somehow, I do smell the perfume on myself (strong nose?). It's a sensual perfume, you will feel powerful and special when you wear it."

"I can get very excited with the upcoming spring and summer, the buds are coming out, the birds are singing, the sounds of children playing in the street. And I feel the same way about scents. The smell of citrus and suncream are my favourite ways to evoke a happy feeling. Can you imagine yourself with a drink under a citrus tree on an island...? That is what Bergamot smells like. It is a fragrance you can mix, but I use it pure."